Friday, May 12, 2017

A Master’s in Bragging: Cuomo’s Scholarship Program Comes Up Short for Beneficiaries

After kicking the tires of the state’s much-vaunted Excelsior Scholarship, some SUNY trustees appeared less than enthused.

They discussed the details of the program May 2 during a Finance and Administration Committee meeting. After reviewing the scholarship’s eligibility requirements, they found that just 5 percent of students enrolled at CUNY and SUNY schools this year would qualify.

“It seems very low,” said SUNY Trustee Cary Staller.

“I just can’t imagine what’s going to happen when Joe and Jane taxpayer, who have heard all this publicity about free college, and 5 percent of our SUNY students are eligible,” Trustee Nina Tamrowski said. “I’m thinking, wow, that’s going to be so disappointing.”

Ms. Tamrowski is correct. Many New Yorkers who have planned on taking advantage of this tuition-free program are bound to feel let down once they realize it doesn’t live up to its billing. 

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Source: The Watertown Daily Times (via The Empire Report)

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