Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Critics Denounce Sessions' Move to Restrict Asylum for Domestic and Gang Violence Victims

“The attorney general today erased an important legal development that was universally agreed to be correct,” a group of judges wrote.

By  Daniella Silva

Advocates for immigrants and former immigration judges denounced Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ ruling this week restricting asylum for people fleeing domestic or gang violence, saying the decision could cost lives and endanger tens of thousands of people.

One lawyer working with immigrants, Kathryn Shepherd, called the decision "essentially a death sentence to potentially thousands of people fleeing harm.”

On Monday, Sessions reversed an immigration court’s ruling that granted asylum to a woman from El Salvador who said her husband had repeatedly abused her physically, sexually and emotionally. Sessions wrote that “generally” claims on domestic and gang violence will no longer qualify for asylum.

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Source: NBC News

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