Thursday, August 3, 2017

National Action Network Issues Statement on DOJ Inquiry into Discrimination Against White College Students


The following was submitted by the organization on August 2, 2017. 

Washington, DC – Today, the Justice Department announced its plan to investigate universities using affirmative action policies that discriminate against white applicants.

This is just another example of both Attorney General Sessions’ and President Trump’s anti-civil rights agenda in action. Whether it is suppressing voter rights, preventing transgender individuals from participating in the military, or now identifying Black students as a factor preventing white applicants from attending college, this administration continues to sow divisiveness and assault people of color.

Furthermore, the DOJ has cited no credible evidence to support their plan. Numerous studies have shown that the effects of affirmative action disproportionately help white students, specifically white women, meaning this plan will only hinder American students striving to receive a better education.

Attorney General Sessions continues to demonstrate a complete disregard for what makes America a democracy. In such a short period of time, he has worked to reverse crucial gains in college acceptance, police misconduct, and criminal justice reform, as well as resuscitate the war on drugs. All of these policies have the potential to destroy communities of color and separate countless families from their loved ones, turning back the clock on years of progress.

The National Action Network (NAN) will not support any effort to limit the educational opportunities of people of color, or any disenfranchised group. We will monitor any efforts to investigate affirmative action policies by the Department of Justice, or any entity, on a local, state, and national level.

Video source: CBS News

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