Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Cyber-Attack on Ukraine (Is America Next?)


An In-Depth Look at the Crisis and How Cybersecurity Companies
and a Congressional Bill Could Help the Country Going Forward

On July 21st of this year, The G-Man Interviews met with Aleks Mehrle, President and Co-founder of Ukrainian Global Trade and Investor, Inc. (“UGTI”), a company that aims to become a transparent, efficient and powerful driver of sustainable economic growth and development in Ukraine. 

He is a licensed attorney and experienced business development professional, working with banks and international financing organizations to secure project-related financing.  His primary responsibilities for UGTI include securing the participation and coordinating collaboration with leading US partners across a variety of sectors, including education, energy, finance and innovation.

With this experience, he has developed strong relationships and partnerships with companies making an impact in energy security and cybersecurity.  As Executive Advisor for Ener-Core Inc., a California based alternative energy company, his primary responsibility is to detect, evaluate and structure projects to produce clean, domestic power while significantly reducing air emissions, particularly in countries interested in enhancing their energy security.

Ukraine Cybersecurity, LLC is a subsidiary of Ukrainian Global Trade and Investor, Inc. (“UGTI”), and is focused exclusively on helping the Ukrainian government, military and private sectors solve difficult cybersecurity problems while gaining agility and cutting costs. 

Through Ukraine Cybersecurity, UGTI offers unique value to Ukraine through a partnership with Vidder, Inc., a world-leading cybersecurity company founded in California’s Silicon Valley. 

In this exclusive interview, Mr. Mehrle provides an assessment of the crisis that has engulfed the homeland of his parents and explains how Vidder, Inc. and two Pennsylvania congressman have joined the effort to help strengthen Ukraine’s cybersecurity systems.

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