Monday, June 19, 2017

Pols Raise Eyebrows By Staying Quiet on Mayoral Control of Schools....

By Kenneth Lovett

ALBANY — With just three scheduled days left in the legislative session and the fate of mayoral control over the city school system hanging in the balance, insiders are amazed at how little behind-the-scenes negotiations there’s been.

“I’ve never seen it like this,” said one prominent legislative source of the end-of-session run up. “At the top staff level or with the leaders, it's been extremely quiet. There’s been conversations, but really nothing meaningful in a way where we’re driving down on something.”

One problem is neither the Senate nor the Assembly has any top priorities that the other side can use as leverage, legislative sources say. As important an issue that mayoral control is for Mayor de Blasio, it doesn’t carry the same weight for the Assembly Democrats. So they are willing to let it expire rather than agree to the Senate GOP demands for pro-charter school provisions in exchange for renewing the law.

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Source: The New York Daily News (via The Empire Report) 

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