Monday, May 1, 2017

Twitterverse Eviscerates Bret Stephens Over Climate Column

The New York Times's Bret Stephens might be the most hated man in America right now. 

His crime? Actually being pragmatic on the debate around climate change, while avoiding being blinded by partisanship by playing strictly to one side. 

The backlash against Stephens, a former Wall Street Journal conservative columnist and proud #NeverTrump member who recently signed on with the Times, follows his (completely reasonable) debut column that urges each side of the climate change debate to be open to listening to the other side, in order to have a better understanding around possible solutions. 

But compromise is a big no-no in today's completely intolerable political landscape, which has declared that there cannot be any debate on this issue. Just ask John Kasich how things worked out for him when he based his presidential run on healing a polarized country and compelling its political system to work for the good of the country again.

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Source: The Hill (via The Empire Report)

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