Friday, May 5, 2017

Alton Sterling Case Seen as Bellwether of Jeff Sessions’ Justice Department

In just 90 seconds, Alton Sterling was dead, with three police bullets in his chest and three more in his back.

From the time the officers barked their first orders to the crackle of their final gunshot— and Sterling's last breath — a minute and a half had gone by. Each second of the fatal encounter was captured on video for the world, and Sterling's family, to cringe at.

In the 10 months since his death, Sterling's name has been added to the long list of black men whose lives have been taken under questionable circumstances by law enforcement. Fiery protests have filled the streets. Politicians have invoked his name while pushing for police reform. And the outpouring of support and love for his family from well-wishers across the country has at times overwhelmed them.

But what they've really wanted, prayed and fought for, is something more elusive— justice. 

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