Friday, May 5, 2017

Fracking Supporters Make Appeal to Trump

By Brian Nearing

Albany - A group of Southern Tier landowners angered that the state closed the door on natural gas hydrofracking is appealing to President Donald J. Trump to end New York's authority over the issue.

Last week, the Joint Landowners Coalition of New York wrote to President Trump urging that the federal government assert sole control over gas pipeline projects, rather than allow states to retain jurisdiction over required environmental protection permits.

The letter by coalition President Daniel Fitzsimmons said the 2014 decision by Gov. Andrew Cuomo was based on his "political aspirations" and pushed by "well-funded environmental extremists." Fitzsimmons also accused the governor of "illegally (taking) our private property rights for his political gain."

The coalition claims to represent 70,000 property owners in the Southern Tier who want to sell access to tens of thousands of acres in the so-called Marcellus Shale region to natural gas companies to drill and build a network of pipelines.

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Source: (via The Empire Report) 

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