Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Bigger Russian Outrage: Critics of New U.S. Buddy Putin Keep Turning Up Dead

By Errol Louis

We’ll learn soon enough about the depth and extent of the economic and political ties that link Donald Trump’s campaign and administration to the murderous gangster government of Vladimir Putin.

But even as the investigations proceed, the American public should demand a full accounting of what Trump officials personally know about — and are prepared to do about — the widespread theft, bloodshed and human rights abuses emanating from the Kremlin.

This weekend, thousands took to the streets in more than 100 Russian cities — an estimated 8,000 in Moscow alone, according to the state-run news service Tass — demanding an end to years of organized looting by the Putin regime. Vast tracts of the economy have been turned over to favored cronies, many of whom are now billionaires.

The response to the demonstrations by Putin’s security services was swift, predictable and brutal. Hundreds were arrested, including Alexey Navalny, a political activist who’s been jailed by Putin before, including in 2013 on the day after he registered to run for mayor of Moscow.  

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Source: The New York Daily News (via The Empire Report)

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