Tuesday, March 28, 2017

City & State: Honoring 25 of New York’s Most Remarkable Women of 2017

The day after Donald Trump was sworn in as president, millions of women marched in Washington, D.C., New York City and other cities across the country and around the globe. Provoked by Trump’s controversial rhetoric on the campaign trail, they came out in record numbers to rally for the rights of women and others who felt threatened by the new administration.

Of course, women are not a monolithic voting bloc, and many of them are staunch supporters of the president. But the massive crowds displayed the influence that women can wield, at least when political winds bring so many of them together.

Unchastened, Trump went on to fill his cabinet largely with white men, appointing just four women and relegating them to less consequential posts. To be fair, there’s also plenty of room for improvement in New York, where politicians pride themselves on their efforts to promote gender equality. No woman has ever been elected governor of the state or mayor of New York City. In Albany, it’s still three (or four) men in a room. In the state Legislature, only about one in four lawmakers are women.

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Source: The Empire Report

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