Thursday, March 30, 2017

HB2 Repeal: North Carolina Senate Votes to Overturn Controversial ‘Bathroom Bill’

A deal that North Carolina lawmakers reached to repeal the state's controversial and costly "bathroom bill" cleared a critical hurdle on Thursday in the state Senate, but the compromise has left LGBTQ advocates exasperated — with some calling it "shameful" and an "outrageous betrayal."

The state Senate's passing of the bill, which was by a 32-16 vote, comes after a deal was struck late Wednesday by the state's new Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper, who campaigned on fully repealing the HB2 bill, and North Carolina's leading Republican lawmakers, who have supported the measure.

The repeal bill, known as HB142, had passed the Senate Rules Committee earlier Thursday, and must now clear a vote in the House in order to pass. If approved, the bill would then go to Cooper, who is expected to sign it.

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