Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Cuomo Remarks on 'International Women’s Day'

“International Women’s Day celebrates women and their contributions around the world. In New York, our legacy of advancing equal rights dates back to the birth of the women's rights movement in Seneca Falls in 1848 and continues to this day. This year we commemorate the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage in New York state—passed in 1917, three years before the 19th amendment made women’s suffrage the law of the land nationwide.

“Today, we honor women by working to ensure New York remains a leader of equality, setting a standard for the rest of the nation and world to follow. In New York, we believe that women deserve all the rights given to men. They deserve to work and learn in environments free of harassment and the right to control their own health and reproductive decisions. 

“In the past year alone, we passed the most comprehensive paid family leave program, strengthened protections to ensure equal pay for equal work and took decisive action to guarantee access to reproductive health care. We will continue to work to safeguard and advance equal rights.

“On International Women’s Day, we recognize our past and celebrate the future by honoring female leadership and teaching future generations of women that they can do anything. While much has been accomplished, we still have a long way to go in ensuring full gender equality. Rest assured, New York will not waiver in our commitment to women’s rights, and we will stand tall with all women to move our progress forward.” 

Source: Press Office, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

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