Friday, December 21, 2012

"From The G-Man" to End Four-Year Run on 12/31

Inability to Obtain Advertisers, Donations Forces Shut Down

Yes, I'm afraid it's true. My dream of building one of the most popular independent news and information sites in America has come to an end. Due to a lack advertisers and/or donations, I can no longer continue to publish breaking or original news stories, special features and exclusive interviews or maintain the site's base of operations. 

This decision was excruciatingly painful because I absolutely loved what I was doing, especially for young people that became fans of the site, but I was left with no choice. 

In the nearly four years that From The G-Man has been operating, I have never received compensation or anything in the way of funding for the enormous amount of work generated on a daily basis. My goal has always been to obtain major advertisers, sponsors or substantial donations so I could pay myself a salary and manage the site as a full-time job. I held on to the belief that people of influence would take notice of my effort and help me in my quest to maintain my creation. For whatever reason, this never came to pass.

In 2011, I edited and published nearly 1,699 news stories. With under two weeks to go in 2012, I've already published 3,686 news items, which roughly breaks down to 10 news stories/features or more a day, every day, since the beginning of 2012! Moreover, this was accomplished with no staff! 

Yes, I was solely responsible for analyzing and editing all news content provided by numerous sources, configuring HTML codes for all news videos that are posted, writing breaking and original news stories and exclusive features, and conceiving, editing, directing and writing all segments for "The G-Man Interviews" series.

The effort was painstaking, but I continued with the thought that if it happened for Matt Drudge and Arianna Huffington, it could happen for me, too. Again, for whatever reason, it never came to pass.  Nonetheless, I thank Drudge and Huffington for serving as sources of inspiration. 

On December 31, I will post a special farewell video in honor of all the people who stood by me and offered daily encouragement, moral support and praise. The undertaking has not been easy, but I have no regrets. Creating and managing this site has been one of the true highlights of my life, and maybe, just maybe, something will happen prior to December 31 that will allow From The G-Man to remain operational. After all, the Christmas season is a time of miracles, right? (Smiles) If not, I'll be happy knowing From The G-Man ended its run with the respect of and outside of the news industry. 

Special acknowledgements to Tom Osborne, Les Payne, Mike Hodge, Herb Boyd and Jim Flink, five journalism greats that helped me stand strong during the storm. 

This message is from the heart and.....from "The G-Man" 

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GotAGo Travel and Entertainment said...

Aww c'mon G! Lets have a fund raiser or something, but please don't give up! Just one more year with new strategic moves. I don't know what but we'll think of something.. Nevertheless I personally am going to miss news from "The G-Man"!
You are a man of integrity with the resiliance of a bull! You are my Obama and my hero!! I love you and will miss my fast and easy way to get the current events vital to our community and country.

God Bless any endeavor ahead of you,
Valerie J.
GotAGo Travel & Entertainment