Monday, April 2, 2018

Bill Passed to Confiscate Guns for Domestic-Violence Misdemeanors

New York gun owners convicted of misdemeanors in domestic-violence cases would have their firearms taken away under a bill lawmakers approved along with the new state budget.

Convicted felons already are barred from gun ownership in the state. The new bill, promoted by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, would strip guns from people convicted of misdemeanor counts of assault, menacing, criminal contempt, unlawful imprisonment, aggravated harassment and similar charges if the victims are members of their family or their household.

The bill, which was swiftly approved Friday along with general budget legislation, also clarifies that long guns, as well as handguns, are to be surrendered for felony convictions, serious criminal convictions and matters involving orders of protection, along with now misdemeanor domestic-violence convictions. The bill's authors said existing laws had left unclear when rifles and shotguns were to be taken.

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Source: The Buffalo News (via Empire Report New York) 

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