Friday, April 20, 2018

Arlington National Cemetery: Major Development in the Wake of 'From The G-Man' Report

By Gary Glennell Toms

On January 29, 2018, From The G-Man published a special report on Joan Flowers and her nearly 25-year effort to have her father's remains transferred from an unmarked grave in Chicago to Arlington National Cemetery. 

On March 8, C-SPAN reported the following: "Arlington National Cemetery Superintendent Katharine Kelley, Army National Military Cemeteries Executive Director Karen Durham-Aguilera, and veterans service organization leaders testified before a House Armed Services subcommittee on the future of Arlington National Cemetery. They assessed the current eligibility criteria for burial and potential expansion at the military cemetery. Superintendent Kelley said if no changes are made at Arlington National Cemetery, it would run out of space by the early 2040s." 

Click here for video of the hearing. 

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