Thursday, February 8, 2018

ProPublica and WNYC Studios Announce ‘Trump, Inc.’ Podcast Series

The 12-episode podcast series, examining the relationship between Donald Trump’s presidency and his family’s business empire, debuted on February 7 with an episode on grappling with conflicts of interest.

By ProPublica

Today, WNYC and ProPublica announced a new partnership and reporting project. “Trump, Inc.,” a 12-episode podcast series, will dig deeply into the central questions surrounding the business dealings of President Donald Trump and his family, including how his role as President may be working to his financial benefit.

A year after his election, basic yet vital questions about President Trump and his family’s business empire remain unanswered: Who are their partners? Is the business benefiting from its close relationship with the Trump administration? What deals are happening? Who’s financing them? And most fundamentally — is Trump acting on behalf of his country, or his company?

“Trump, Inc.”’s debut episode — available today — starts at the very beginning: the January 11, 2017 press conference when Trump announced how he would handle potential conflicts of interest as both President and the owner of the Trump Organization. With stacks of folders next to him, Trump said he would forgo the tradition of divesting from his business, and instead shift his assets into a trust controlled by sons Eric and Donald Jr. What’s happened in the year since?

Upcoming episodes will include: the record fines a Trump casino received around money laundering; stories on the company’s foreign deals and financing; and a look into the Russian money trail; and much more.

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Source: ProPublica

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