Wednesday, December 27, 2017

NYCHA Let Children Live in Homes They Knew Were Toxic...

A New York Daily News Exclusive

By Molly Crane-Newman and Greg B. Smith 

When the city Housing Authority placed the Herrera family in Apartment 5-A at the Red Hook Houses in 2013, the agency knew the public housing unit contained toxic lead paint.

NYCHA knew it because the agency had just tested it and found lead in the Brooklyn apartment. After untrained, uncertified workers performed lead abatement, they had deemed it “clean.” Per policy, the new tenants were not informed about the potential hazard in the home.

Five-year-old Melany Herrera was an infant when she arrived at Apartment 5-A. And by the time she was 2, a blood test revealed a level of 5.6 micrograms of lead per deciliter.

Six months later, it hit 10 micrograms.

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Source: The Empire Report

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