Monday, August 21, 2017

James Stachowiak: Why Hasn't the 'Patriot' Been Arrested for Threatening National Security?

Harlem, NY - On August 20, 2017, From The G-Man posted an extremely controversial 2016 video entitled "Patriot Asks Everyone to Shoot Black Women, Children and Black Lives Matter Members in the Back". The video was submitted by a retired New York City police officer, but it was removed from YouTube two days after being posted on this site.

In the video, James Stachowiak, whom published reports described as a rabid Trump supporter and "patriot", called for all of the aforementioned to be shot on sight if they engage in looting. Stachowiak also held a high-caliber bullet up to the camera, which had "BLM" inscribed on it, and said, "This is the solution to BLM." 

The Raw Story reported that Stachowiak once worked as police officer. 

From The G-Man posted the video in order to warn members of the Black community, Black Lives Matter and concerned citizens who are unaware of the threats.  

Even though the video was created a year ago, From The G-Man urged the Department of Justice and Milwaukee law enforcement to launch an official investigation or provide an update on this matter as soon as possible. 

On August 21, 2017, From The G-Man submitted the following questions to the Milwaukee Police Department in order to try and obtain detailed information on Stachowiak and confirm his background in law enforcement.  

Did the Milwaukee Police Department ever confront Stachowiak and issue a warning about his request for members of the public to shoot Black women, children and members of Black Lives Matter in the back if they looted? 

If the Milwaukee Police Department failed to approach or question Stachowiak, can you explain why? Many from the Black community, nationwide, continue to contact the From The G-Man office seeking information.

Can the Milwaukee Police Department confirm that Stachowiak was a police officer in Milwaukee or another area of the state? 

Approximately two hours from the time the request for information was submitted, Timothy Gauerke, Sergeant/Public Information Officer with the Milwaukee Police Department, submitted the following statement: 

"This video was first reported to Milwaukee Police on Thursday, August 17th, 2017. There is no indication that this person lives in or around the Milwaukee area to enable police to contact him. Information obtained by investigators have led them to believe that Stachowiak lives in the Georgia area. The video was originally posted over one year ago. The Milwaukee Police Department has received no calls or information from anyone in Milwaukee who desired to be a complainant. Stachowiak has never been a Milwaukee police officer."

The Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice will be contacted this week to ask why Stachowiak's call-to-action has never been investigated as a possible act of domestic terrorism. 

Given the current racial climate in the country, From The G-Man urges members of the Black community, as well as concerned citizens, to remain vigilant. 

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