Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Trump Tweet: Key Questions for WWE's Vince McMahon and the SBA's Linda McMahon

For the WWE Chairman and CEO: 

Did the President, or anyone from the Trump administration, inform you or any WWE executive that he would be posting the video?

Given that WWE owns all rights to its video footage, should approval have been granted before the video was posted on the President's Twitter account? 

If the President took it upon himself to post altered WWE footage without authorization from the WWE, does the WWE consider this an issue? 

Do you or WWE officials have any response to claims that the video is being interpreted as a call for violence against American news outlets?  

For the Administrator of the Small Business Administration: 

As the former President and CEO of WWE, do you feel the President's latest tweet has placed you in a difficult position, as far as American business owners and the SBA's objectives are concerned? 

Feel free to respond at Your comments will be published unedited and in their entirety. 

If you choose not to respond, FTG hopes that you will at least provide answers to these important questions to the Associated Press, Reuters or other respected news outlets. 

Thank you. 

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