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Home Health Aide Accused of Trying to Join ISIS

The following is from a June 25, 2017 article written by Tim Regan and published on the Home Health Care News website. 

A home health aide was arrested in New York City after allegedly trying to travel to Syria and join the Islamic State terrorist group, also known as ISIS.

Bronx resident Saddam Mohamed Raishani was arrested on June 21, according to a press release from the U.S. Justice Department. Raishani is charged with one count of attempting to provide material support to a terrorist organization and faces up to 20 years in prison.

Raishani’s lawyer, Assistant Federal Defender Sabrina Shroff, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Raishani sought to travel to Syria to join ISIS and train with fighters there, according to authorities.

In preparation for his trip, he quit his job with an unnamed home health care provider. Raishani reasoned he could pose as a nurse to cross international borders without suspicion, authorities said.

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"The G-Man Interviews" Warned Lawmakers Some HHAs
Could Pose A Serious Threat Due to Poor Background Checks

In March of 2015, The G-Man Interviews (TGMI) launched an investigation on home health care agencies and aides operating in New York City and upstate. During the nearly two-year probe, and several interviews with My Elder Advocate founder and CEO Jack Halpern, TGMI learned that the majority of agencies and aides have little or no real oversight or regulation.

In December of 2015, From The G-Man's sister site revealed that many home health aides in the state are not properly trained, vetted and fail to provide quality care for many of their patients, especially those afflicted with Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and other debilitating diseases.

Prior to and after "I'm Scared These Home Health Aides Will Kill My Mother" was posted, home health aides were arrested and convicted for theft and owners of home health care agencies were charged with Medicaid fraud. Additional reports were filed by The G-Man Interviews in 2016. 

Information on cases of abuse and corruption in the home health care industry is available here. 

The following was posted on this site on April 11, 2017.

"An upcoming edition of The G-Man Interviews will take a closer look the screening and training process for home health aides and Certified Home Healthcare Agencies (CHHAs) in the state of New York. It will also examine why state and local politicians have remained inactive on an issue that poses a serious threat to seniors in their districts and, possibly, national security."

That episode, entitled "A Round-Robin of Death": MTLCs and the Home Health Care Industry, is available here. 

In May of this year, From The G-Man was informed that Francis Morrisey, who investigates elder abuse and Medicaid fraud through New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's office, requested a meeting with whistleblower Monica Arroyo-Horne, who appeared on The G-Man Interviews, to discuss her case in greater detail. Shortly after the meeting, Morrisey launched an official investigation.  

The G-Man Interviews contacted a number of New York politicians for comments and to set up meetings to discuss the YouTube-based episodes. They were also provided links to the episodes featuring Jack Halpern and Monica-Arroyo-Horne. They include: 

State Level
Senator Kemp Hanlon
(Former) Senator Bill Perkins
Senator Joseph Addabbo, Jr. 
Senator Rev. Ruben Diaz
Assemblyman Charles Barron
Assemblywoman Inez Dickens

Local Level 
Councilman Donovan Richards and other council members
Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr. 

Requests for comments or meetings were also sent to the office of Congressman Adriano Espaillat and Senator Charles Schumer. The office of Senator Joseph Addabbo, Jr, was the only one that responded during the 18-month investigation.

In an April 17 email statement, Daniel Offner, Press Secretary and Special Events Coordinator, stated the following: "Senator Addabbo will continue to look into this issue with home health aides when he returns to Albany on April 24."

From The G-Man and The G-Man Interviews will continue to monitor the situation and report on any action taken by the aforementioned representatives.  

Correction: This report originally listed Ann Noonan as a senator. Ms. Noonan serves as the press aide for Senator Rev. Ruben Diaz. 

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