Monday, April 17, 2017

Students Weigh 'Free Tuition' That Locks Them in New York for 4 Years

By Tom Precious

ALBANY – Like many high school seniors, Peyton McConville doesn’t have her life planned out just yet.

But New York state could change that.

McConville and thousands of other college-bound students across the state are now eligible for free college tuition at State University of New York schools after passage of the 2017-18 state budget last week.
But there’s a catch.

She must sign a paper stating that she will live in New York for four years after graduating from college and agree that she “shall not be employed in any other state” during the period.

Violating the agreement will turn “free” tuition at SUNY schools into a loan with undetermined interest rates and undetermined pay back periods. If she decides to attend a private college and gets additional new tuition assistance under the new program, the same restrictions apply.

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Source: The Buffalo News (via The Empire Report) 

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