Thursday, April 20, 2017

Trump Has Moved To Dismantle Criminal Justice Reform In His First 100 Days

In his inaugural address, President Donald Trump painted a dark picture of America, a nation where “crime and gangs and drugs” are causing “American carnage” in its cities. The address echoed Trump’s campaign, in which he sold increases in homicides in a handful of cities as a nationwide crime wave and presented “more law enforcement, more community engagement and more effective policing” as the solution to a nonexistent problem.

A report released Thursday by the Brennan Center for Justice lists a few ways in which Trump’s vision of America, along with policies put forth by his administration, could lead to widespread rollbacks in criminal justice reform.

“Trump’s dark portrait of America, however, comes at a time when the national crime rate is near historic lows ― 42 percent below what it was in 1997,” the report reads. “As his first 100 days near an end, what has the president done to address crime and criminal justice? And what can the country expect in the weeks and months ahead?” 

Here are a few ways, as outlined in the Brennan Center report. 

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Source: The Huffington Post 

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