Monday, March 27, 2017

Black Women Missing, by Alexandria Ellison

This video was published on YouTube on April 26, 2016. 

Two years ago, a study emerged found that there are currently 64,000 missing black women. In 2010, Lonnie David Franklin Jr. was arrested for the suspected serial-killings of over a hundred black women over a span of twenty years. Within the first two years of Franklin’s killing spree, authorities suspected a serial killer was on the lose, but failed to inform the public because the victims were low-income women. Moved by stories such as Sandra Bland's to the fourteen year old girl swung around by a police officer in McKinney, Texas, Ellison creates a spoken work piece which comments of the insidious and expansive nature of misogynoir— a term coined a Moya Bailey.

Alexandria Ellison is a student at Emerson College and spoken word poet who is working to end the caricaturing of women of color. 

Source: TEDx Talks

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