Monday, August 6, 2018

In Honor of Heather Heyer: 10 Ways to Fight Hate


The following statement was issued today by Richard Cohen, President of the Southern Poverty Law Center. 

A year ago this coming Saturday, hundreds of racists marched through the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia, leaving death in their wake and a stunned nation seeking answers and leadership.

Tragically, Heather Heyer, a young woman who stood up to racism, was killed by a white supremacist. Two law enforcement officers also died while trying to keep the peace that day.

President Trump equivocated – unable to see the difference between white supremacists and people like Heather who opposed them. In his view, some “very fine people” were among the torch-bearing racists chanting slogans like “Jews will not replace us.”

This past weekend, we once again saw the face of hate – this time in Portland, Oregon, where multiple people were injured in street fighting provoked by far-right extremists. Next weekend, white supremacists are planning a rally in our nation’s capital.

No one should be surprised. This is Donald Trump’s America. These are the forces he has unleashed.

Click here for the full statement. 

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