Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Rangel: IDC's Extra Pay 'Looks So Immoral'

Shortly after 8 a.m. this morning, former congressman Charlie Rangel walked into a gymnasium in Harlem and voted for a young protégé, Brian Benjamin, who is running in a special election for the state Senate.

“I’ve told him — and it sounds so corny — doing the right thing has worked for me for 50 damn years,” Rangel said in an interview. “I’ve also told him that if he’s going to deviate from the majority, he better have a good damn reason.”

Benjamin stood nearby, smiling and nodding. He’s heard it before. “He calls me every morning with tips and ideas,” Benjamin said.

After snagging the Democratic nomination weeks ago, Benjamin is all but guaranteed victory today in the overwhelmingly Democratic district in Harlem, but he won't be in the majority, thanks to the 8 members of the Independent Democratic Conference that have a power-sharing agreement with the Republicans in that chamber. 

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Source: Politico (via The Empire Report) 

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