Monday, April 24, 2017

NYPD Cops Spout Off Against De Blasio And O’Neill Over Remarks Made By AG Sessions

By Kerry Picket

New York City cops took umbrage with comments made by New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill that were critical of Attorney General Jeff Sessions for demanding the city comply with federal immigration law.

NYPD active and retired law enforcement officers reacted to the statement sent out by the Justice Department as well as the reaction to it from the mayor and police commissioner.

Mayor de Blasio and Commissioner O’Neill both lashed out at Sessions when the Justice Department sent out letters to nine cites warning officials their defiance to federal immigration law will cost the city federal grants.

The Justice Department said in the statement, “The letters remind the recipient jurisdictions that, as a condition for receiving certain financial year 2016 funding from the Department of Justice, each of these jurisdictions agreed to provide documentation and an opinion from legal counsel validating that they are in compliance with Section 1373.”

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Source: The Daily Caller (via The Empire Report)

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