Monday, April 3, 2017

Black Lives Matter Activists Turn Attention to Statehouses

A new initiative launched by Black Lives Matter activists seeks to re-focus the movement's efforts on state capitols, building on momentum at the national level to push back against President Donald Trump's political agenda on issues such as policing and immigration.

The online platform is the latest indication that Democrats and left-leaning groups are turning their attention to statehouses after concluding that many of the policies they oppose are being enacted at the state level, since Congress has passed few major laws in recent years.

Despite the movement's national presence, it has not concentrated "on engaging and resisting what state legislatures are doing to essentially implement the same agenda," said Sam Sinyangwe, a data scientist with the project. "If we don't engage on the state level, many of the same rights we're fighting to protect will be restricted at the local level anyway." 

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