Thursday, September 13, 2012

Egypt Protests Continue Against Anti-Muhammad Film

Despite the government's call for calm, a few dozen protesters showed up outside the U.S. embassy. The prosecutor general said four people are being questioned after protesters on Tuesday climbed over the embassy's walls and took down the U.S. flag. Nine Coptic Egyptian-Americans were also put on an airport watch list. They are believed to have contributed to the production of the anti-Islam movie that led to the embassy protest. The man behind the protests says he just wants to combat insults against Islam through legal and peaceful means. Wesam Abdel Wareth, the protest organiser, has said his group is not happy that young people who joined their protest brought down the US flag. He also says there was no co-ordination with protesters in Libya, and condemned the violence there. Al Jazeera's Rawya Rageh reports from Cairo, Egypt.

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