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Gen. Colin Powell: The GOP's Savior in 2012

Sorry-Ass Field of Republican Contenders Would Be Obliterated if Powell Entered Race

Note: This commentary was originally published in May of 2011, but it is being reprinted because of the fact that a brokered convention may be planned by the Republican Party if Mitt Romney isn't able to obtain enough delegates to get the nomination. Political analysts have noted that former Florida governor Jeb Bush would be sought as a potential nominee, but I suspect millions of voters in this country no longer want to be placed in position to be  "Bush-whacked".  Based on conversations I've had, many believe twice was enough. 

Having said that, the following is directed at Reince Priebus, Chairman of the Republican National Committee, Sharon Day, Co-Chair of the Committee, and every registered Republican voter in the country. You can push for Bush if "The Fake" (Santorum), "Flipper" (Romney) or "Nu-Nu" (Gingrich) can't close the deal by the time you get to Tampa, Florida, but you all would be incredibly stupid if you fail to approach someone that many Americans, be they Republican, Democrat or Independent, consider to be a true symbol of the GOP. That person is General Colin Powell. 


I know how much the mainstream news organizations enjoy taking polls on any given day, so I'd like to ask them to consider conducting national polls based on these questions:

1. With political upheaval and the threat of war looming in so many areas of the world, which Republican would you trust most to lead America if she were thrust into a third world war?

Rudy Giuliani
Mike Huckabee
John McCain
Sarah Palin
Ron Paul
Colin Powell
Mitt Romney

2. If the 2012 presidential election came down to these two candidates, whom would you choose? 

Barack Obama
Colin Powell

Hopefully, someone in the mainstream media will consider my request. However, in the event that they piss on it, I'm confident that I know what the poll results would be. You folks out there in cyberspace ready for this? Colin Powell would win the first poll by more than 80 percent! The second poll would probably be much closer, with Powell winning 54-46 percent.

Allow me to explain by revisiting sections of an article I wrote back in February of 2007 entitled, "Colin Powell: The X-Factor in the 2008 Presidential Race"
. Heading into 2012, I strongly support the comments made back then.

(Stated in 2007) It would make perfect sense to tout Powell as the Republican's savior because, as an insider, he had enough conviction to stand toe-to-toe with staunch supporters of the war in Iraq, as well as other members of the Bush Administration, and challenge them on foreign policy and war strategy. They refused to listen, let alone cooperate, and Powell ultimately "bounced".

He later appeared on several talk shows, and while not outright demeaning the people closest to President Bush, Powell made it abundantly clear that he could not support the policies and strategies put forth by key figures in charge of handling the war in Iraq. His willingness to distance himself from the inept, callous and pragmatic hawks spoke volumes about the character, soul and leadership of Colin Powell.

Powell served as National Security Advisor during the Reagan Administration.

Despite his debacle at the U.N., I am convinced that Powell's opposition to Bush Administration policymakers has earned him the respect and admiration of many Americans, and this could prove to be a significant selling point for voters searching for a true stalwart within the Republican Party.

Backing Powell as the Republican nominee would send shockwaves across the country, and it would serve as a warning shot to the Democrats that Republicans fully intend to regain their power base, and most importantly, the respect and confidence of the American people in the wake of numerous scandals.

Supporting Powell would also serve as a way to mend fences. Powell has been extremely forthright when stating how he now feels about making the case for war against Iraq, since the allegations of WMD proved false. To say he was not happy would be an understatement. Simply put, the Republican Party owes Colin Powell, and they owe him bigtime! Endorsing him would be the ultimate payback.

I am going to state this is the strongest possible terms. There is no candidate in the Republican field that would be able to match or beat Colin Powell for the nomination. Period!

McCain has lost major support because many voters no longer view him as the maverick he once was; where he often denounced President Bush and battled him to the point where it became personal. To many voters, he has simply morphed into a true politician.

In the case of "America's Mayor", Rudy Giuliani, he is a dead candidate walking. Once those skeletons start jumping out of the closet to bite him in the ass, you can stick a fork in old "Julie". Moreover, he is going to catch major hell from many key African-American leaders over the issue of race and the polarizing affect he had on Black communities in New York City. The videotape footage of him taking part in a riot with New York City police officers at City Hall will not help, either.

That leaves Romney and Brownback. I'm sorry, but did I just hear you folks say, "Who?" That's my point exactly. These two face the same uphill battle as Obama. The public has no idea who they really are. Powell has charm, charisma, appeals to Black and white voters, and has a proven track record of leadership at many different levels.

Furthermore, if Powell entered the race and a poll was taken the day after his announcement asking, "Which candidate would you trust most to lead the country during wartime or an unprecedented number of terrorist attacks on America?", I feel confident in saying Powell would win by a huge margin. McCain, because of his prisoner of war experience, would place a distant second. The rest of the field would be left twisting in the wind.

Given the fact that wars could erupt anywhere in the future, and terrorists may launch chemical and biological attacks on American soil, Powell's background as a four-star general and Secretary of State give him an enormous advantage over not just challengers for the Republican nomination, but Clinton and Obama as well.

General Powell also served as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under George H.W. Bush.

Again, I made these comments back in 2007, and my feelings have not changed. I don't care who the GOP trots out in front of America, they will never be as "certified" or genuine as Colin Powell. They won't have the level of trust that he has with voters, and they certainly won't have his resume. Moreover, Powell, unlike any potential nominee the GOP may consider, would be able to siphon off a percentage of the Black vote from President Barack Obama, particularly those that have become disillusioned with Obama and his policies.

Why the Republicans aren't courting Powell is a complete mystery to me. They'd rather waste time promoting "Prime-Time Palin", Lyle Waggoner from the "Carol Burnett Show" (aka Mitt Romney), or "The Huck", none of whom are fit to spit-shine Powell's old army boots.

When will they learn that voters are sick and tired of the same, sorry-ass cast of "Just For Men" and "Aqua Velva"-using candidates. They really need to get with the damn program and stop behaving like a bunch of old farts!

In closing, I have a special message for General Powell. You have been a loyal servant of the GOP for many, many years. Some may argue that fact after you appeared on "Meet the Press" and endorsed Barack Obama for president. Others may respect what you did on the show as your Constitutional right, regardless of political affiliation. No matter what the case, I truly believe many in this great nation hold you in extremely high regard -- enough to make you the 45th President of the United States of America.

This commentary is from the heart and.....From The G-Man.

Photo 1 source: Cropped from Gen. Colin Powell on Flickr (Pictured in 2005)
Author: Charles Haynes
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 Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, ID C46448-13

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