Friday, June 2, 2017

Board of Elections Counsel Issues Subpoena to Senate GOP


ALBANY — Board of Elections enforcement counsel Risa Sugarman has subpoenaed the Senate Republican conference’s campaign arm, according to a motion to quash that subpoena filed in an Albany court this week.

Sugarman, who declined to comment on the matter, would not say what exactly she was seeking, and the courthouse did not have the full motion available for release, sharing only a title page.

The Senate GOP, which dubbed the subpoenas a "political witch-hunt," acknowledged its looming court battle.

"The subpoenas unnecessarily abridge the Committee's first amendment rights of free political expression and association," said spokesman Scott Reif in a statement. "There is no factual basis for the issuance of these subpoenas. It is a back door political attack on an organization that has a proven record of successfully running campaigns and winning elections. It also threatens our two-party system here in New York."

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Source: Politico (via The Empire Report) 

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