Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Wrong Move, Chuck: Gorsuch Filibuster Will Blow Up the Senate

A New York Daily News Editorial 

The U.S. Senate is about to get more poisonously partisan, and this time, Chuck Schumer and his Democrats will be to blame.
Unwilling to register their disapproval of the eminently qualified Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch via a “no” vote on the Senate floor — a vote they’d lose, with some of their own voting “aye” — Democrats are hell-bent on launching an endless talkathon to filibuster his nomination to death.

Which could well put Republicans in the position of invoking the “nuclear option,” and killing the filibuster, which effectively sets a 60-vote threshold for confirming nominees to the nation’s highest court.

If and when that happens, Democrats will have no right to weep, because it was in the Senate under their former leader, Harry Reid, that the maneuver was killed for all other nominees.

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