Monday, April 3, 2017

Trump 'Gave Hate Groups a Megaphone': Gun Sales Surge Among LGBT, Minorities in the U.S.

By Matt Kwong

At a smoky firing range last weekend near Dallas, Evan Fowler, an openly gay college student with chunky glasses and a Human Rights Campaign sticker on his car, loaded a military-style AR-15 rifle and squeezed off round after round with steady precision.

Target practice. The lanky 22-year-old Bernie Sanders supporter was coaching his fiancé, Kevin Fenton, who favoured a .22-calibre.

Above the crackling gunfire, a thunderous bang from a nearby lane startled Fenton. He wasn't armed, but he flinched.

"It's always like, oh, right! That's how loud it is," Fenton said, as hot bullet casings clattered at his feet. "You just get used to it."

He probably should. Fowler and Fenton belong to the new Dallas chapter of the Pink Pistols, a national LGBT gun advocacy group whose membership has spiked since the election of U.S. President Donald Trump. As interest in firearms soars in the queer community, the liberal-leaning couple reckons they'll be at the range a lot.

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Source: CBC News- World (via The Empire Report) 

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