Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Mandy Patinkin Thinks He Can Change Trump’s Mind on Refugees

LONDON — Mandy Patinkin is angry. Not the sort of simmering frustration he exudes while playing Saul Berenson on "Homeland," but something far more visceral and candid.

"There's real fear and there's made-up, false fear, OK?" he said, jabbing his finger. "Real fear is when your house is on fire, or a bomb's coming through your living room." 

The "false fear," he said, is when politicians in America or Europe say: "You need to be afraid of refugees, and we have to ban all of these people because they are a threat to our safety."

The 64-year-old sat down to speak with NBC News Monday after traveling with the International Rescue Committee along one of Europe's migrant routes. 

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