Friday, March 17, 2017

Lack of Indictments Leaves Little-Known Democrats to Battle De Blasio


Mayor Bill de Blasio is expected to coast to the Democratic nomination in September, now that he and his top aides have been effectively cleared of criminal wrongdoing following a months-long probe into his fundraising.

That was the early consensus among the city's political establishment after state and federal prosecutors announced on Thursday that they would not bring criminal charges against the mayor or his aides.

"Although the city deserves far better than this, the people best positioned to succeed in a Democratic primary are now unlikely to run, and we should therefore expect four more years of Bill de Blasio,” said Bradley Tusk, a former aide to Michael Bloomberg who has publicly labored to recruit a high-profile challenger to the mayor.

The specter of indictments — and the possibility of a protracted trial detailing the inner workings of the administration — had stoked hope among de Blasio’s opponents that a credible Democrat might be persuaded to take on the uphill challenge of unseating the incumbent mayor. 

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Source: Politico (via The Empire Report) 

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