Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Help NBC News and ProPublica Track Hate Crimes

By NBC News 

NBC News has partnered with ProPublica, the nonprofit organization dedicated to investigative journalism, as well as other news organizations and nonprofit groups for a project called Documenting Hate, in an effort to track reports of hate crimes across the United States.

NBC News has monitored these reports for years, and noted an uptick amid the 2016 presidential campaign, as bias crimes appeared to be on the rise in some cities. We were able to verify many of these claims with local law enforcement, and even debunk a few as hoaxes. The Southern Poverty Law Center said there were almost 900 reports of harassment and intimidation in the 10 days after the election. More recently, a wave of bomb threats and some desecrations at synagogues, Jewish Community Centers, and cemeteries have had communities on edge. 

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