Wednesday, March 15, 2017

FPWA CEO: State Legislators Need to Support the Human Services Sector

New York, NY - Jennifer Jones Austin, FPWA CEO, released the following statement in response to the New York State Legislature one-house budget legislation filed this week:

“FPWA is disappointed that both houses of the legislature neglected to include a $12 million budget item to support the increased minimum wage for nonprofits, as well as a lack of investment in nonprofit infrastructure, a critical component to providing key services. With a $153 billion state spending plan, failure to include this sensible funding demonstrates indifference towards the human services sector and the vulnerable populations they serve, and forces the sector to continuously do more with less. If the legislature wants to take meaningful steps to address poverty, the state must make immediate investments to support and uplift marginalized communities and ensure the stability of the human services sector.” 

FPWA is an anti-poverty, policy, and advocacy nonprofit with a membership network of nearly 200 human-service and faith-based organizations. FPWA has been one of the leading forces in New York City's social services system for more than 92 years, advocating for fair public policies, collaborating with partner agencies, and growing its community-based membership network to meet the needs of New Yorkers. 

Each year, through its network of member agencies, FPWA reaches close to 1.5 million New Yorkers of all ages, ethnicities, and denominations. FPWA strives to build a city of equal opportunity that reduces poverty, promotes upward mobility, and creates shared prosperity for all New Yorkers. 

Source: Mercury

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