Monday, December 31, 2012

'Good Night, And Good Luck'

A Special Farewell Video Message to Mainstream Media and the Public

Okay, folks. I'm going to be very brief. I thank those of you that took the time to log on and read or watch many of the breaking and original news stories, special features, and exclusive interviews that were posted. I also thank those that contributed to this site during its four year run. Whether you gave a monetary donation or moral support, I will always be grateful. You're a crucial reason why the site was able to last for as long as it did. 

I would like the video that has been posted to serve as a reminder -- to the American media and the public -- of what good, true journalism is really all about. It's from the critically acclaimed film "Good Night, and Good Luck", and the speech given by the lead character, Edward R. Murrow, whom I consider one of my journalism mentors, is just as relevant today as it was in the late 1950's. 

Let us not forget the true nature of journalism and the mission of a journalist, which, in its most unvarnished form, is to fearlessly shine the spotlight of truth upon corruption, deceit...and injustice. This is the essence of journalism. 

Again, I thank my supporters and wish all of you a very Happy New Year. 

This is "The G-Man".....signing off. 


GotAGo Travel and Entertainment said...

Powerful video G-man!! I too believe in the Boob Tube as a tool to Educate and if used for entertainment's simply a waste of valuable time in ones life.
God Bless you in all your future endeavors. You have left a void in my daily quest for knowledge.

Be Blessed in 2013. and Happy New Year!

Valerie J.
GotAGo Travel & Entertainment

GotAGo Travel and Entertainment said...
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Maarten said...


did you recieve my message? I'm going to keep trying to reach you.

Your Dutch friend

The G-Man said...


I'm sorry, but I never received your message. You can email me at or call me via Skype at giftedwriter777.

It's been a very long time, and it's really good to hear from you.

The G-Man said...


I'm afraid this isn't the best way to communicate because it is an OPEN FORUM. Everyone can read the comments, and I don't want sensitive information to be compromised.

Can you set up a Gmail account in your country?

The G-Man said...


Can you download Skype? If so, we will be able to send text messages in real time and chat.

Louis R Caraballlo said...

I wasn’t aware that the perverse nature of journalism was being exposed back in the 1950’s. The question is… will it get worse before it gets better? The answer is… always! Fueled by a wayward spirit of malevolence, this nation’s institutions continue to march onward towards a path of moral displacement. Other than in journalism and politics, corruption continues to seep into medicine, the justice system, and yes, science. The new rule of conduct is that there are no rules. Sinistrism always has the upper hand because it is proactive while scrupulousness is reactive, always a few steps behind. What may slow corruption down (a little) is the rule of law and constitution, but even these safeguards continue to give way as evident by recent Supreme Court restructuring of what constitute a person (now corporations are people) and voting rights (redefined as racial entitlements). Counterbalancing all this is a tall order but the struggle continuous by heroes of a different sort, such as journalist like the G-Man (Gary Glennell Toms) and Social Worker David Becker who takes on the health sector and contributions are forthcoming publications. The only remedy I can think of is to stay inform, participate any way you can, support those who stay in the fight, and not give up hope no matter what.

The G-Man said...

Mr. Louis R Caraballlo:

I am deeply, deeply honored by your praise of my effort and work. I often think about relaunching this news and information site, but I can do nothing without significant donations from the public. That's what's needed to maintain the base of operations and produce even more quality news content. I pray that someone of substantial means or wealth will come across this site, see its potential and power, and contact me with an offer to help. Until that time, I invite you to go to YouTube and type in Gary Glennell Toms to view my recent offering, "The G-Man Interviews".

Be well.